Meet Rachael

Hi, I’m Rachael & welcome to Woman On Purpose, where for 20 years I've been supporting women to co-create aligned, authentic and fully expressed lives that's intentional, spirit-led & on purpose.

I remember being 26 and sobbing in the shower before work thinking, how did I get so off track?

From the outside I looked fulfilled and successful. I'd built a business, brought in a partner and won multiple business awards including Australian Business Bulletin Magazine's Young Entrepreneur of the Year under 30. 

I looked like my life was on track, but my soul was screaming for a different path and I could no longer ignore it.

I was so off purpose from what I felt I was meant to be doing with my life and I was lost, stuck, alone and trapped in a gilded cage that I'd created.

I felt like I was wasting my life, stuck in a cycle of playing small and not living the spiritually aligned & expansive life that had been calling me from the age of 16.

For many moons I'd been trying to smother my soul's whispers of discontent by over-working and partying with friends.

My self-care and spiritual practice were non-existent, and I was avoiding quiet moments where my truth could sneak through.

As a result, I grew further out of alignment and pinched off from my inner & higher guidance system, and my low vibes meant I was attracting shitty experiences from my shitty point of attraction.

Despite my attempts to outrun my inner voice, I found myself that morning sobbing in the shower, because the inevitable self-loathing and physical/emotional ‘crash’ that always comes from ignoring our inner compass had finally caught up with me.

You can only numb yourself and hide for so long.

It took three very ugly years to untangle the mess...

After dropping a bomb on my business partner by telling her I wanted out, it then took more than a year to sell the business, another challenging year working for the new owners to handover my 'baby', and then a year of "Shit, what now?"

That last year was my dark night of the soul - a year of feeling desperate, lost, stuck, second guessing myself, confused about my purpose, anxious, comparing myself to others and worrying about what other people would think.

It's frustrating when you're tiptoeing around the edges of you and your true, aligned potential and all the while you feel the undeniable call of your soul to ALIGN WITH ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.

I couldn't find my way out of the fog and my poor husband didn't know how to help.

Then one moment changed everything.

I'd been depressed for months and was struggling to get out of bed, but this particular morning I was at rock bottom - sometimes we have to get on our knees to have a breakthrough.

I reached for one of my favourite books, Conversations with God (despite the title this is not a religious book and I highly recommend it if you're on a spiritual journey) and held it closed in my hands.

Through my tears I said something along the lines of, "I give up, please tell me what to do", and then I opened to a random page.

The words that shifted everything were something like, 'Surrender, you don't have to drive, get out of the way, you'll be guided, follow your passions.'

I went straight to the computer and typed words into the browser like 'make a difference', 'helping people', 'passion', 'purpose...' and I came across something called coaching, which I'd never heard of (this was back in 2000). There happened to be an information session I attended that night and a week later I started my training.

At the same time I began focusing on my daily spiritual growth and practice, setting intentions and consciously asking the Universe to pave the way.

Everything began unfolding in the most unexpected and coincidental ways.

Out of nowhere I was contacted by CPA Australia's Melbourne branch to speak on 'Finding Your Purpose' to 160 female accountants at a morning breakfast, and it sold out so we ran a second event.

Within weeks my coaching practice was full with a waitlist, and I was still doing my coach training.

I was experiencing a state of high vibration and co-creation, expecting and allowing the Universe to put all the pieces in place for me in expected and unexpected ways.

I felt so ON PURPOSE and I understood that the key was my consistent focus on my inner and higher alignment.

Now, of course it wasn't all rainbows and unicorn poo from that point forward.

I'm human and the last 20+ years have been a winding road of manifesting amazing opportunities, and then getting busy and forgetting the KEY to feeling on purpose is daily alignment, and then losing my way and having to find my way back.

Although we may know that consistent spiritual alignment is the key, it can be hard to integrate it into our busy daily lives and live it, so again and again we can find ourselves stuck in a spiritual void (or spiritual avoidance), lacking the clarity, purpose, impact, meaning, fulfillment and oneness our souls are truly yearning for.

Sadly, our lack of alignment can leave us feeling like we're wasting our lives, stuck playing small and not living the spiritually aligned & expansive life that's calling us.

And let’s not forget about Law of Attraction and unconsciously manifesting all kinds of stuff you don’t want from your low vibes and lack of alignment.

The long-term risk is feeling like you’re wasting your life, stuck in a cycle where you’re playing small and not living the aligned & expansive life that's calling you.

Can you relate? Do you need support?

Walking this path can be tricky to navigate on your own & at times it can feel elusive, out of reach, unachievable or inconsistent - especially when you're busy & there are few people around you who understand the path.

For 20 years I've been helping women walk this 'purpose' path, to step fully into who they are & then stay on track, because the journey of staying on purpose never ends...

I'm here to help.

Quite simply, my goal is your consistent high vibrational alignment with you...

  • Where you're operating from your spiritual connection...
  • Where you're accessing your authentic truth, wisdom, higher guidance and clarity of purpose...
  • Where you're consciously co-creating your own reality with your intention & point of attraction...
  • Where you're answering the call of your soul and confidently walking the path...
  • And where you're tapped into your higher power to be grandest version of YOU.